Solar Powered Travel A Reality?

The sun's energy will power Solar Impulse 2's RTW trip.

Solar Powered Travel A Reality? Hopefully.

I consider myself to live relatively green; I recycle, watch my water usage, and try to be resourceful. In other words, I love Mother Earth and try to do my part to care for her. Except when I fly. Flying adds so many steps to my carbon footprint and the (very) slight guilt I feel about it has never stopped me from boarding a flight. Trust me, I do care about it. But am I bothered enough to NOT fly? No. No, I am not. I remain, however, a proponent of green/greener travel and engage in it whenever possible. That's why the Solar Impulse 2 excites me.

In March of this year, the Solar Impulse 2 will take off for an around the world flight using the sun as its only energy source. Yea, I can get with that. I know this is only a first step but hopefully it will lead to further developments in greener travel. If/when this technology is available to the public, I will use it (even though I'm almost certain each ticket will cost at least $858, 913.99).

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