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Hello! I'm FLI. Welcome to my piece of cyberspace. For starters, yes, my real life initials are actually F.L.I. And, yes, I love how my initials so closely tie to my passion. In fact, that acknowledgement often makes me smile. I may share my name later, but for now, help bring me random smiles by calling me FLI. 

I was born in Houston, Texas, USA, but consider myself a global citizen. Meaning, one of my short term goals is to have dual citizenship. Then triple citizenship, quadruple citizenship, quintuple citizenship... Ok. I'll stop now. Seriously though, I'd like global citizenry to be something other than an idea or theory.

I started FLI Heritage in December 2014 after contemplating the idea for far too long. Since a child, I've always loved the thought of traveling to far off places and experiencing new things. For a long while, though, I only had dreams and brochures. Then, at the age of 18, I caught my first flight from Houston to NYC and haven't looked back since. It's true, I've been to numerous cities, states, countries, territories, provinces, etc; however, there are many more places and people I want to see. 

Fun fact: I love geography. Because of this (and the internet), I know the surface area of Earth is approximately 197 million sq. miles. I want to see all of it...except coordinates 90.0000 S, 0.0000 W. 

Also, I am both the Avatar and next Hokage. Any ATLA or Naruto fans out there? No, just me? Awkwaaard...Anyhoo...

Find out more about me on this site; Or catch me on Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube; Or email me at I'd love to hear from you!

About FLI Heritage

The Brand: FLI Heritage is the epitome of the Wanderlust + Dreams lifestyle. I share my authentic account (a dream, now real life) as a Black woman experiencing solo travel around the world to encourage you to live your dreams. 

This is also a one-stop resource for travelers that highlights the Black travel experience. Here you will find useful information to help plan your next trip, inspiration, tips + tricks, travel hacks, reviews, and a global community of Black travelers that explore the earth.

The Name: After much deliberation, pondering, and 10,000 (exaggeration) domain name and social username checks, the name FLI Heritage came to me on a walk through the neighborhood.

  • "FLI" is a triple entendre: 1) F.L.I. are my initials; 2,3) It's a double play on the word "fly" meaning  a) to travel by air;  and b) to be chic, classy, and sharp.
  • Heritage speaks to celebrating culture, appreciating and respecting that which is inherited, further building tradition, and seeking and reclaiming that which is lost.
Essence Fest. New Orleans, LA, USA

Essence Fest. New Orleans, LA, USA

In the world through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself.
— Frantz Fanon

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