Songspiration: B.O.B. "You Got Me"

A lyrical, upbeat RTW trek.

Songspiration: B.O.B. - "So Good"

Today, our light shines upon B.O.B. and his upbeat travel song, "So Good." Bobby Ray's words literally take us around the world as he shows his lady how good life can be through song. So, let's fly with him and "pack your bags real good, 'cause you'll be gone for a while." And by a while, I mean 3 minutes and 42 seconds, which is how long the song is. 

Do you know a great travel song? Share it in the comments so we can all fly together.


The "Songspiration" series spotlights songs that are 1) travel themed; or 2) have travel related lines/verses; or 3) inspire me to travel even though travel isn't explicitly clear; or 4) are great airplane songs.