Because Everyone Likes A Good Proverb

These African proverbs will inspire you to travel.

Because Everyone Likes a Good Proverb

1. When the elderly ones in a house travel, the younger ones quickly grow in experience. -Nigerian proverb.

2. To travel is to see, to return is to talk. -African proverb

3. A traveller does not make a mess where he had made a camp as he might one day come back. -Swahili proverb

4. Don't travel under another's lucky star. -Swahili proverb

5. You travel on until you return home; you live on until you return to earth. -Ethiopian proverb

6. If an ass goes a-traveling, he'll not come home a horse. -Akan proverb

7. The road doesn't tell the traveler what lies ahead. -Bantu proverb

8. People get to know one another when traveling. -Bantu proverb

9. If the owner of the goat is not afraid to travel by night, the owner of a hyena certainly will not be. -Hausa proverb

10. He who has travelled alone can tell what he likes. -Rwandan proverb

11. A travelled child knows better than the old man who sits at home. -Igbo proverb

12. Traveling is learning. -Kikuyu proverb

13. Traveling teaches [people] their way. -Kikuyu proverb

14.  It is better to travel alone than with a bad companion. -Senegalese proberb

15. A new thing does not come to she who sits, but to she who travels. -Shona proverb

16. To be sure that your friend is a friend, you must go with him on a journey, travel with him day and night, go with him near and far. -Angolan proverb

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