Going "Nuts" Can Get You Jail Time

Cho Hyun-ah, you were wildin'.

Going "Nuts" Can Get You Jail Time

Yo, unless you are craving jail time as a getaway from family and friends, DO NOT flip out over airplane snacks so much that it lands you in the slammer. Because "nut rage" or any kind of snack rage on an airplane will get you locked up like Akon and Styles P. Seriously, thanks to  Cho Hyun-ah there is now a precedent for giving people clink-clink time for snack misbehavior on airplanes. It's actually really ridiculous that it has come to this. 

Cho was sentenced to one year in prison and stripped of her titles with Korean Air due to her tantrum. The story starts way before the incident that is now known as the "nut rage" case. Indeed, this is story of privilege and entitlement that went wrong as the world watched. Cho is a Korean Air heiress (daddy dearest is the Chairman) that consistently gained higher positions and promotions up the Korean Air ladder. Her accomplishments could have been through hard work, but there have been many whisperings of alleged nepotism.  

In any case, somewhere along her way to becoming "head of cabin service" her perspective got twisted. She came to think that she could interfere with flight paths and schedules, inconvenience an entire plane full of passengers, disrupt a captain in performance of his duties, assault a crew member, and force crew members off the plane. Cho, you were wildin' out. Just because some macadamia nuts weren't served on a dish? There is definitely more to life. Maybe the year in prison will teach you that. 

And people better not start a #FreeCho campaign! 

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Image courtesy Huffington Post